Health Insurance FAQs

Q: Why get private health insurance?

Private health insurance provides reassurance that should you fall ill, you will receive the treatment you need, when you need it. Private health patients receive treatment from experienced medical specialists in some of the UK's best hospitals.

Q: What is the difference between 'Private Health Insurance' and 'Private Medical Insurance'?

Private health insurance is often referred to as private medical insurance (PMI) but both are essentially the same thing. Private health (or medical) insurance is designed to cover the cost of treatment and services recieved in private healthcare facilities.

Q: What types of medical health insurance are there?

Individual or family health insurance plans can offer varying levels of cover. Some policies only cover treatment when you are in hospital, whilst some more comprehensive policies provide cover for outpatients too. You will typically pay a monthly premium for your insurance, and then when you require it, the policy will pay out for your treatment.

Q: Does my age effect premiums?

Premiums are typically higher as you get older, although this is not necessarily true with all policies. It's always better to compare multiple quotes as you will find that prices can vary considerably between health insurance providers. We can compare a range of quotes for you.

Q: Is there an excess?

The majority of medical insurance policies will have an excess which is the portion of the insurance you must cover prior to any pay out. If you are seeking very comprehensive cover, one option would be to have a higher excess which will then keep your monthly premiums lower in return.

Q: Can I cover my whole family?

Yes, in fact many people choose to cover their whole family. This can provide great peace of mind in knowing that should any family member fall ill, they will be covered.

Q: Are smokers accepted?

Yes, smokers can also take out health insurance. Due to the additional health risks associated with smoking however, premiums are likely to be higher for smokers over non-smokers. This does not prevent you from obtaining cover however.

Q: Can I obtain cover with a pre-existing condition?

Generally speaking, yes. However, there are limitations to this which vary between policy. Some policies may completely exclude pre-existing conditions, whilst others implement specific rules defining which conditions can be accepted.

Q: How do I get a quote?

Simply fill in our quick quote form above to compare prices and policies from a range of top UK insurance providers, completely free of charge.